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Kiyan Behsaz Co. is the world’s largest producer of bricks in Iran

The company was registered in Ardabil province in 1982 and the subject of this company has been handed down as a traditional bricks production and ancestral occupation, and even before its registration, its activity in the production of traditional bricks and Hoffman continued.
And now, with about one century of experience, in the year 84, with the best machines and the most advanced technology in Europe, we were able to manufacture a factory called Kian Bazar with a production hall of more than 45,000 square meters in 200,000 square meters of robotics with a variety of brickwork, brick Behind the work, floor bricks and all kinds of wall, wall and ceiling blocks, with the latest European day method. From zero to one hundred whole factories are fully automated and we produce packaging of different sizes and sizes of sweetening pallets. In recent years, with a wealth of experience and the use of the finest clay in Chile, it has tripled the triumph of the gold medal from the European Union House of Housing and Urban Studies from Paris and the world’s finest quality ibm from Madrid. In order to enhance the quality of products, we are selling and distributing all sorts of products from this company in the form of pallets and small sweets to most of the countries of the Caspian Sea area, Iraq and Georgia, as well as north of Tehran. We have also recently started producing sound insulation bricks, heating and cold curing with a new technology for replacing mortar (sand and cement), and this new achievement has been approved and has the standard and the export label of Europe and Iran standard. We are very glad that our products are always up-to-date and, given the full automation system of the factory and the installation of up to date machines , we are able to produce a variety of orders for pottery products, and the products of this company are under the bachelor and support of most European companies, and experts of companies Europeans constantly monitor the production and quality of this product, and all hardware and software products of producer and the administrative and warehousing sectors are provided systematically and online for customers and sales representatives of this company. And now it’s possible to sell domestic and foreign products from online stores. Now it’s possible to sell domestic and foreign products from our online store. Head of the Board of Directors of Kiyan Behsaz Co. (Special stock company), Mr. Karim Jahazi, Managing Director of this company Mr. Engineer Hooman Javhazi, Member of the Board of Directors and Chief of International Relations Mr. Hamidreza Jahazi and Mrs. Fatemeh Jahazi, Secretary of the Board of Directors.

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Board of Directors of the company

Mr. Karim Jahazi

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Mr. Hooman Jahazi


Mr. Hamid Reza Jahazi

Director of International Relations

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