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Kian Behsaz Co. is the world’s largest producer of bricks in Iran.

The company was registered in Ardabil province in 1982 and the subject of this company has been handed down as a traditional bricks production and ancestral occupation, and even before its registration, its activity in the production of traditional bricks and Hoffman continued …

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Online shop

Online store Kiyan Behsaz Co. (special stock company) offers special discounts for people using the Internet using any kind of product, and the amount of products and discounts are available in the store price list. In this purchase, you will need to pay the fee and the number of purchases and product types to the sales department of the company at 33331608 to internal number 106 or fax to the same number ,internal 7. Or send to the company’s e-mail address

Easy transportation

Due to the fact that transportation costs have a direct impact on the price of products, the company’s annual management at a meeting in person with urban transportation will receive the necessary reductions from the price list of the union. Also, the list of rental rates in the purchasing department is included with the capacity of trucks and city distances. You can extract the necessary information from the relevant section.

Quality of products

Our mine is sandy shale and our products are baked in grades 850 to 1100 degrees in the tallest and largest tunnel furnace in Iran with absorption of 9 to 11 degrees. Due to the experience and the necessary tests, we have succeeded in obtaining the best quality in Iran and abroad. In all products due to the robotic system of the production line, the curvature of the bricks and the correctness of its dimensions in the slices are used and even to complete Half blades wall are also produced. The ceiling blocks are 40, 50 and 60 cm in size, combined with Fondula and Lightweight, with ionolytic bricks to prevent the energy loss and the insulation of heat and sound in various types, which are specified in the product list. This is evidence of the quality of the products received from EU housing research.


Tender offer

Tender offer

Kaiyan Behsaz machine brick factory located at km 5 of Namin road to Ardabil intends...
Special holiday discount

Special holiday discount

Kiyan Behsaz  Company offer their products in order to protect the rights of consumers with...
Carrying soil Tender offer Advertising

Carrying soil Tender offer Advertising

Kiyan Behsaz KMT Company intends to ship the required soil for the amount of 200,000...










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You can have a catalog of the company that includes the details of our products and our portfolio.


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